Dr. Diaa Eldeen Mohamed Elhassan Mukhtar

Faculty of Education is one of a propper colleges of Sudan University of Science and Technology, the faculty organized from the department of Education which was a part of the faculty of Engineering in the date of 15/9/1990.
Education, currently is not only restricted to the traditional systems, but extended to include all new technologies that enriches knowledge.
In addition to that the role of the teacher was not limited to the teaching a certain number of courses, but to play different roles in the society.
The efficiency of the educational system is not possible without developing the personality of the faculty for more promotion of the communities.
Faculty of Education made practical steps for developing education by creation a number of committees to prepare the academic programmes and final results. In addition to planning for teaching process and setting the higher policies of the college.
The positive influence of all parts of the country. The Faculty provides its services to students from all over the world (graduate, post graduate studies) through distance learning programm .
The success that the faculty has achieved as a result of the effort to its companion staff. This evidence is an invitation for students and researchers inside and outside Sudan to hear an idea about the objectives and programmes of the faculty.