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Overall management the college plans in coordination with
the Department of the University, to adopt methods to
achieve the quantitative and qualitative development of
the College in terms of creation of new sections, the
development of curricula for educational and academic
programs, In addition to increasing the student capacity
in the future.
In the light of these indicators, the future prospects
for the development of academic and administrative
faculty can be identified in the following:

1. The design of additional programs at the secondary

2. Center for the development of university curricula

3. prepare learning environment in the college

4. provide academic and performance administrative aids
of the faculty

5. The establishment of more buildings to accommodate
the expansion of the administrative and academic

6. Organizing and participating in workshops,
conferences, Seminars and symposia at local,
regional and international levels.


1. The college teaches academic programs in scientific and theoretical specialization that are suitable for the community needs.
2. The college graduates qualified learners in all the educational fields e.g. technical, languages and science. The college prepares and organizes workshops and training courses in the fields of the educational research and Development of the teaching performances


  • 1. Graduate qualified and specialized teachers in
    various disciplines.
  • 2. Prepare and arm graduates with high teaching skills
    through advanced programs and modern aids.
  • 3. Promote teaching and develop curricula in
    cooperation with the Ministry of Education.
  • 4. Encourage graduates and teaching staff to conduct
    research and studies in a bid to improve education.
  • 5. Provide and fulfill needs of teachers.
  • 6. Train teachers.
  • 7. Provide students with the values and ideals of
    spiritual and humanitarian, professional and
  • 8. Prepare skilled generations in handiworks
  • 9. Establish scientific concepts and associate studentsí activities with scientific methods.
  • 10. Develop traditional methods.
  • 11. Establish firm ties with educational, research ,technological and cultural institutions inside Sudan and abroad.
  • 12. Associate technical education with the needs of the community
  • 13. Encourage technical education by making technical subjects prerequisite for admission to higher education institutions